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  • Aug 23


    Eden Prairie

  • Aug 28

    Bayside Grille


  • Sep 6

    The End Zone


  • Sep 12

    Arizona's Lounge


  • Sep 26

    Mainstreet Bar


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This is the cover art for Concentual's new album released in October 2013 called Listen Out Loud.  It has great new songs like Vampires in LA, Breaking Down and I'm Feeling Fine

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CONCENTUAL will be celebrating Siv’s 1st anniversary show this Saturday night by returning to the very place he played his first gig with us - at Champp’s Eden Prairie!!!  Same set-up as his first gig…Paul, Lorenzo and Siv, singing some rock and roll, strummin’ some geetars.  6-10pm, out on the patio.



Kenner Siegrist is the newest addition to Concentual and brings a wealth of experience both on bass as well as the microphone.  Kenner's most recent gig was with the Minnesota powerhouse, Rockfist and comes to us with an insane resume and repertoire.  We couldn't be more excited to have Kenner join the team!

Come say hi to Kenner at our next in-town show at Blarney Pub on August 8th.  Music starts at 9:30pm.  We hope to see you there!

- Concentual





Have you seen our latest music video, again produced by our very own Brian Henz?  Check out "Rise", the 2nd track from our latest release, Music is the Weapon of the Future".  




We hope you enjoy it!





Have you seen our new video yet?  Our very own Brian Henz produced and directed our first "official" music video for our new album, Music is the Weapon of the Future".  Check out "My Kung Fu"!




We hope you enjoy it!  



Concentual is teaming up with Dan Coyle and Parachuting Buddha Records to bring more all-original showcases to a venue near you!  For any of you mid-week music enthusiasts, we’ll be brandishing our take on what it is we call  ‘rock and roll’ at various venues in and around the TC Metro area…so stay up to date with us by sending your email address (lower right side of the page)….and we’ll take care of the rest!